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Pliko Pramette Questions !


After much review reading and online research my hubby and I opted for the Pliko Pramette and although we've still got a few weeks before LO comes (we think !), I've got a couple of questions.

1) Buggy mode - I think it is forward facing only - is this right ? Can't see that you could have it rear-facing in buggy mode, but you can have it in Pram-mode (rear-facing) and with the back up so that it's more buggy like ?

2) Can you plonk the car seat on when it's in pram mode or only in buggy mode ? Looks to me like the clippy bits you'd need to do this are covered by the padding in pram mode ?

Many thanks to any pramette-gurus who can fill me in !



  • Hi, I've had two pramettes now and I love them!
    When its rear facing/lie flat pram-mode the buggy can only lie flat - you cant lift the back up.
    When its forward facing it can either lie down or sit up!
    Yes, the car seat can only be attached when its in buggy mode -bit annoying but it hardly takes any time to unzip the covers!
    Hope that helps! x
  • Hi,

    That's great thanks - I thought so, but you've prob saved us hours of tinkering with it !

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