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Can anyone recommend a good changing bag that has everything you need and isn't too expensive! Also is it really worth spending a lot of money on one, or do they not last that long?

Lizzy xxx


  • Depends what you mean by not too expensive! I have an Oioi messenger bag that I bought before I had Millie, I think it was about ??55. I still take it out every day with us (she is now 18 months) as it sits nicely on the bag of the pushchair and has loads of room for everything I need. It comes with a decent size changing mat (some of the ones you get are rubish), a pouch for wet things and an insulated bottle bag. It also has two small insulated pockets on the side. There are plenty of pockets inside to keep stuff organised and I have found it really good.
  • I just bought one from Aldi for ??12.99 and it seems really good. It has a change mat and a bottle insulator and a mobile phone holder, lots of different compartments and came in black or red. It is made by Impidimpi, Aldi do lots of baby bits by them, the baby gros are fantastic about ??4.50 for 7 and the best quality I have had, really soft.
  • I got mine free from Boots through their Baby Club when I bought a packet of Pampers. Can't really comment on how good it is as my LO is still just a tiny bump but the quality seems good and its got a phone pocket, insulated bottle holder, changing mat and a couple of pockets.

    Not bad for a freebee!

    Corinna x
  • Thanks everyone!
    Think i mite try aldi cos that is quite a bargain! Would love to buy an oioi one cos they look so nice but don't think oh would let me spend that much on a bag! Although have still got a few months to persuade him!
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