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bulk buying nappies - any recommendations?

I have twins & we get through a huge amount of nappies, wipes & nappy bags each week. All bought from Sains & costing me a fortune at the moment. People keep saying 'oh you should buy in bulk', but I don't know where from?!!! Does anyone have any good recommendations at all?

Many Thanks


  • morrissons are good, they have offers on the jumbo boxes for example they are on at the min for ??7.99 which is fab

  • Think the morrisions offer finished on the 12th but its normally on a few times a year. Just keep an eye out at eash supermarket most have baby events through out the year. We buy them when they are on offer aswell as you can save alot. At the minute we have 4 1/2 boxs of pampers baby dry nappy and about 20 packs of wipes!
  • Thanks all. Sounds like it's a good idea to shop around! I just tend to throw the nappies in on my usual weekly shop, but I think I'll start to have a look further afield. Our weekly shopping bill just seems to be going up and up these days!
  • Hi Emma,

    I'm expecting twins so gonna be facing the same challenge as you (although started buying a pack or two each time I go shopping if they are on special to give us a head start) but DH and I have joked about buying bulk nappies with family.

    Looks like we might be lucky enough to know someone who has a costco card or other similar cash and carry type place so might be worth you asking around too.

    Good luck hun and by the way your little ones are beautiful :\)

  • Apparently makro do nappy offers every so often. Haven't caught them yet, lol, but they are meant to be great prices.

  • I'm expecting twin girls too... and had started to stock up on nappies, then stopped as people told me the babies might not like a certain brand, i bough pampers/huggies/tesco own, only about 8 packs of newborn, but wanted to bulk buy in now too...

    Do you think its a good idea, or will not all the nappies suit the babies??

    Anyway I have seen great offers believe it or not in the big boxes of nappies in Netto! I also have a makro card and keep checking thr makro mail for offers too.

    Em x
  • Andi & Em - congrats on expecting twins! It must be something in the water! I love having twin girls, it's so special. They're at the stage now where they just lie looking at each and laugh, it's so sweet.

    Em - I would probably hold off buying lots of nappies just yet. Not so much that they won't suit the babies, but I just found I preferred some brands over others. Also, I bought absolutely loads in the premature baby size only for them to grow out of them quicker than I thought & I was left with loads of teeny tiny nappies. I ended up donating them to the special care unit where the girls stopped....

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Lots of useful tips!

    Emma x

  • I bulk buy mine from Boots when they're on offer.
    They deliver them, you get Boots points and often bonus points etc. So it's pretty good.
    The downside is that you need to pay a lot up front but I got Huggies nappies for less than 9p a nappy and I'm set til January!!
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