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Monitors - Video or just audio ??

Hi Everyone,

I'm rounding up the last few bits and pieces we need for our first baby, due 19/6 - getting v excited now and have finished work which is a huge relief as 60 hour weeks with a commute don't mix well with a bump !

One thing we can't decide on is whether to go for a cctv style monitor or a regular audio one ? I've had friends recommend both types and can't seem to make a decision !

The audio one I've been looking at is the BT150 which seems to come highly recommended.

Anyone got any advice ?


  • HIya
    I had the audio only with my son (he's 8) don't think they had video then however h2b wants a video monitor, and if it's keep him happy so be it lol
  • I think I'd like to have audio only. I'm imagining that video is only going to worry me more. Say if you can't sea the face properly as he'/she's turned) or is slightly out of frame or something.

    I'm imagining myself forever staring at the screen not getting anything done. But I may be wrong. This is my first so I'm not speaking from experience... just anticipation!
  • hi
    We got an audio one when lo was a few weeks old. Then got a video one at around 2 months 'cos he had a cough for ages and I was worried he would throw up during sleep. The audio one is really good for being able to hear the baby cry if you're in another room. The video one is great for letting you see that baby is ok when he is not making any noise.

    My lo is now 21 months and I still use the audio monitor, but I haven't used the video one in the last 2 months 'cos I'm not worried when he's quiet.

    Hope that helps.
  • We just went for the audio monitor.... We had 5 weeks of lo being in SCBU where you watch them sleeping all the time and they are hooked up to all kinds of monitors. We did think about getting a sleep apnoea monitor and video monitor when he came home for peace of mind but decided it would just make us more anxious. We're quite happy with the audio monitor and just pop up and look in on lo during the evening....
  • Thanks All - we decided it was prob "healthier" for us to brave it out and go for an audio one rather than spend all day/night glued to a video monitor ! Went for BT150 and it seems really good !
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