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Mamas and Papas Sola Which car seat?

I reallly like the Sola, but the 2 car seats on offer disappointed me. I was told the Akon has no car base available, so that is ruled out for me, and the primo viaggio adapters seem terrible when trying to get the seat to clip to the sola. THe problem being the buggie fittings need to attachup and inside the adaptor that you can't see when trying to attach to the seat. Terrible design in my opinion. I know that I would get easier to do with use, and is only a bit of aninconvenience, but it is still seems awkward to use, and not a sensible buy when there may be a better option out there.

So, the question is, which car seat should I go for, or should I go for a different buggie? As M&P don't stock any others, and Sola is exclusive to them, it seems a catch 22 where I won't be able to try the seat with the buggie before buying one or the other.

I want an ISO fix car base, ideally one that will last for the next stage car seat we get, but also one that is easy to fix to the buggie.
The Maxi Cosi Cabrio or Pebble seem to be popular from seaching on the internet, anyone have any experience with these, and how easy the fit to the buggy?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


  • hi there i have the sola in orchid and the maxi cosi cabrio fix carset you can use this on the sola chasis using the aton car seat adaptors and its fairly easy to use. you can also buy an iso fix base for this.
    we used to have the primo viaggo car seat but found it really heavy soo ended up buying the maxi cosi when LO was 3weeks old
    hope that helps
  • Hiya. We have the Aton car seat and I love it. It's very light and looks extremely cosy (granted bubs isn't here yet to give it a better trial). They have a new base coming out in Sept, one that you fasten into the car securely with a seatbelt and then you just clip the car seat on and off. We chose the Aton after reading numerous reviews and seeing what awards it had won.

    Hope this helps x
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