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Tripp Trapp?

Does anyone ahve a Tripp Trapp highchair? If so, what do you think of it and was it worth the money?


  • Hello Mrs AJ how are you? we have got one however I am still feeding Neve in her bouncy chair because I don't think she has quite got the back support for it yet. I think in a couple of weeks she will be fine.

    I do think though that when we start using it it will be great, its gives really good support, the cushion looks comfy and is easy to remove for washing as is the harness. I know a few people with these and their children range in age from 6 months to 5 years old, all of them think its a great highchair.

    We got our in beech with the blue and white striped cushion and I think it looks lovely and a little bit seasidy if that makes sense!

  • Sorry - replied twice!

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  • Hi Lottie, thanks for replying. I really like the Tripp Trapp and think we will probably go for it. We were in John Lewis the other week and they had one on display with the baby bit in so we sat Isabelle in it and she loved it, she couldn't stop smiling - I think she felt like she was all grown up in a proper chair!!

    I also like the fact that it doesn't have a tray and so you use it at your own table, I think that will help to teach her how to behave at the table properly.

    I have no idea what colour to go for. Typically we have a lot of oak in our house, which they don't do the Tripp Trapp in so we will just have to decide which one goes best!

    I got your letter by the way - promise I will write back very soon!!!
  • I bought one for my 1st daughter 6 years ago and have still got it and must say it is one of the best things I got..I now use it for my 3rd child. I have got the baby set to go with it.
  • Hi, I was torn between getting the Tripp Trapp and the cheaper Babydan. In the end we went for the Babydan (cost ??63 incl cushion in mothercare because I had a 10% voucher). It is brilliant and looks really good. Worth considering if you like the idea of the Tripp Trapp but want to save some cash.

  • hi there, I love it!!! and it looks great in the dining room as matches in with other beach wood chairs (but can get in loads of different colours) I got mine for Daisy (2 years old) as Louie (5 months) could have her Prima Papa evo but am considering getting another tripp trapp as Louie would rather be in it up to the table! I would definately get one. They hold their price much better too, if you look on e bay, rather than something like the Prima Papa
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