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OH and I went to have our first proper look at pushchairs today and we like the Quinny Buzz 3. Was just wanting to see if anyone has had any experience with it and would you recommend it? Only other question is about some of the accessories. I have seen on the Quinny website that you can purchase 'all terrain tyres' for the front wheels. This would be great for us as we are regular walkers and often take our dog for long off road walks. Ideally want the buggy to be able to come with us. Does anyone know where we can get some of the tyres from?

Thanks in advance!

Sarah 11 + 4


  • The all terrain tyres are new to me, and I've just checked the site and can't see them so not sure about those. The usual stockists I use have never had them either.

    Overall I love the Buzz (we have the 4 wheel) and find it good over most terrains. Haven't tried muddy fields yet but it does fine over wet grass and gravel, as well as concrete.

    It can be quite big in the car so you may want a 2nd light weight pushchair in the end but for the first 6 months you should be fine.

    If you do have a small car you might want to think about something smaller as it can take up a lot of space in the boot (especially with the dreami) but it's not too impossible. We took ours complete with dreami, travel cots, all the gear for a newborn and presents for all the family away for christmas and we managed to fit it into the older style renault megane. It was a tight squeeze and required a bit of clever packing but it did all fit in without too much hassle.
  • Thanks Kristin. OH has a Mondeo and I have a Golf so both have good boot space. We really liked how easy it was to use so I think that will override the space thing.

    This is the link to the wheels. I emailed Dorel UK and they have said they have only just launched the air filled front wheels in the UK. If you wanted to order some just speak to your regular Quinny dealer.

    Think they look bigger than the standard so would be ideal for off roading.

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