quinny buzz 3 vs quinny buzz 4

hi all,
i have finally settled on my pushchair!! im going for the quinny buzz in black/grey with carrycot and everything else.
one problem.....3 wheels or 4???????
i have heard brill reviews on both but have heard on the buzz 3 the front wheel jams....alot
has anyone had this problem with theres?
has anyone had the buzz 3 and then a buzz 4 and found it better/worse/same?
sorry i no im a pain but with them being so bloody expensive id like some advice
thank you xxx


  • I think it depends what you want to use it for. The 3 wheel won't be as good on rough ground as the four wheel as it will be less stable.
  • I have the 3 wheeled version and I've never had a problem with the front wheel locking. I always have it so it swivels as I find it much easier than when it's locked straight. I would probably recommend having a really good look at the 4 wheel one as the 3 wheeler can be unstable going up kerbs etc and mine has tipped slightly on a few occasions.
    They're great prams though and well worth the money!!
  • thanks girls! xx
  • I have the four wheel and love it. It's great to push around and put up and down. Just need baby to put in it now.


  • I have the three wheeler and have never had any problems with the front wheel. I def prefer the three wheeler but thats down to personal choice. I would imagine that if you leave it a week or two the buzz three will come down in price a good bit too which would be even better.
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