i want to get ryan a swing as he likesbeing rocked! any suggestions?
thanks holly xxx


  • Hi Holly,

    Hows Ryan doing?

    We got Zara one of the fisher price rainforest take along swings off ebay for just over ??30 & she seems to love it. I had looked at the bigger rainforest one but decided that it was too expensive & the smaller one would do the same job. I'm glad I went for it coz if we go to my parents or Marks parents house it folds up & we can pop it in the car & take it with us

    Hilary x
  • Hi - A friend of my parents gave me a swing which her lo used. It is the same as the rainforest one I think only it is fish. My lo loves it. I was very surprised as this. She watches away at the fish and loves the swinging. She has started to love it so much that when I lower down the speed she whines to get it put back up and I don't even have it that fast or high because I don't like her rocking too much. Too crafty for her own good. I would def recommend one although I would have never bought one myself as I never thought they would have been that good. She would sit in it content for ages.
  • brill thanks i will look at fisher price ones!
    hilary- ryan is doing really well, putting on weight and feeding well. i cant believe he will be 3 weeks on sunday! how r ur girls doing? bet xmas was lovely for you was it?
    just wondered about the rainforest one- didnt they recall the range?

  • There was just some of them recalled. I think the product codes are listed on their website.

    Glad to hear Ryans doing well. I dont know where the time goes Zara is 5 weeks today but in one way it feels like she was born yesterday & on the other hand I can hardly remember life without her!!

    We had a lovely xmas this year. We didnt tell Amy Santa had been til she was coming down the stairs & we'd all got dressed. She was soo excited she didnt want to know about breakfast but Zara on the otherhand couldnt have cared less about the toys, all she wanted was her bottle!!! I'm sure all that will change next year

    Did you all have a lovely xmas?

    Hilary x
  • think ill get a fisher price one then ladies! im gonna take ryan to toys r us and try them out hehe! see which one he likes best lol

    hilary- we had a lovely xmas thankyou. went to mums and relaxed, didnt do a great deal at all as ryan was born on 16th so not really recovered much by then!
    amy must have been absolutely ecstatic being surprised like that. next xmas is going to be lovely, we will be talking about what presents to buy rather than what herbal rubbish willmake baby come! i dont think anything i bought worked! the sweep deffo did though!

  • I dont think any of the herbal stuff did much to bring on labour for me either. It was the good old fashioned castor oil that worked for me in the end!!!!

    Glad you had a lovely xmas at your mums. We spent xmas at Marks mum& dads coz my parents were down with colds & bugs & I didnt want them to pass it on to Zara. Dear love them they havent seen her since she was 2 weeks old coz of them

    Hilary x
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