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please help me choose a pushchair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im sure this question has been asked a thousand times but its driving me crazy!! im due my third in 8 weeks and this time want to buy the pushchair i want from the start and not have to keep getting new ones. so i am hoping that f i list my 'demands' some of you helpful people will make the decision for me!!!

must haves:
from birth
parent facing pushchair mode not just pram mode
pushchair mode suitable from birth but easy to manover for toddler to sit in if needed as have a 2yr old and am not getting double buggy and have a carrier for baby for if toddler needs to go in pushchair (if that makes sense)
seperate handles (not bar) as regardless if you are supposed to i need somewhere to hang changing bag etc!!
lightweight and not too bulky cos of space but durable as walk everywhere so bigger wheels prefered. poss suitable for buggy board

would be nice to have ajustable height handles as me and partner are tall and larger basket underneath.
also on quite a tight budget and like bargins although i can shop around for best prices anyway and would like to get everything in one not have to bu the extras. carseat not essential as will only really need it for coming home and sparingly so can borrow,but if can get one as part of a deal all the better.

the nearest i hae found is the bebe confort loola but doesnt look as comfy as i would like. but correct me if wrong!!
sorry this is so long and i probs am being too fussy but have had all sorts over the years and this time i want to find what i really want. thankyou in advance of any suggestions ximage


  • Hi hun, I have decided to get the bebe comfort loola, I think it's fab and my god daughter loves hers!
    Great price too, at the moment it is on offer in mothercare and ca get the whole package for ??200

  • yeah i would have said the loola it fits everything you want lightweight and durable too and best of all space saving it folds down small can fit into small boots
  • hi all, I had the same problem a few week ago initially I bought mamas and papas pliko pramette however my dd didn't like the pram and I didn't want her to go in the pushchair as it's forward facing so needed to buy a new one but was on a budget after a lot of searching I decided on a mia moda allegria and i can say it's great, it's got all the features you mention but it's quite cheap ( I got mine with a car seat for ??105 from ebay, but they are now going a bit cheaper) my baby loves it and of course I'm really pleased.
  • hi thanks for the suggestions i have found what i hope is 'the one' on ebay the babystyle lux s3d 2 which is like the newer pliko that you can have pushchair mode rearfacing too - so hopefully lives up to my expectations!! thanks again
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