Mamas & Papas Ultima 8 in 1 & MPX Chassis

Hi I've just found this site, and wondered if anyone had bought this and what you thought to it? So hard knowing which pram to go for, any advice appreciated.


  • Hi, I've got it and although the little critter hasn't arrived yet - so far I'm really impressed with it. At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but you do get a lot for you money. With the carry cot its quite bulky and our boot isn't that big, but I was going to use that for downstairs for the baby anyway. The pushchair bit faces both ways which is one of the main reasons I chose it, as I hate to see little babies facing away, and it also lies completely flat.
    There are quite a few people on here who have got a mamas and papas car seat and wouldn't recommend it but I've tried it with the base in the car and it seems fine, they're not in them for that long so I don't think it'll be a problem. I chose the city scape which is like a black denim and again quite a few people have said that fluff sticks to it - but it was my favourite and I don't think it will date unlike some of the others.
    If you get the stand with it, you can click the pushchair top onto it, and the carry cot and car seat, so its really useful.
    Mamas and Papas are really helpful and before we bought it they gave us a demo and showed us how it went in the car and how all the bits worked.
    Hope this has helped x
  • Hi, I had Sprung chassis and MPX, MPX was most practical for folding and lifting into the car. Car seat clips onto the frame-a must for not distubing your sleeping bundle! Carrycot fab, i never had a moses basket, both babies slept in it for approx 4 months, the wind up back rest is fab when they have the sniffles! I would recommend it, good luck with the baby x
  • I had this 1st time around (on sprung chassis) and yes If you have somewhere to store it all and you utilise the carrycot / walk a lot it is a classic lovely pram however I have to admit this time I have gone 4 a Pliko Pramette as they are so light, practical easy to store / fit in the boot of the car and a cupboard when not not in use !! Good Luck
  • i had my heart set on the 8 in 1 with mpx chasis. however went yesterday to look at it and im now not convinced. purely for the reason that when i want to use it as a pushchair i would still have to assemble it. i like the idea of just folding a pushchair. also the woman said to us that even with a huge mondeo estate car we wouldnt have alot of room left. We are now looking at the pilko pramette....very similar and is soooooooooooooooo light!! just means i cant use it as a carrycot/moses basket. im a bit confused now as what to get!! better pull my finger out as only got 7 weeks left!!
  • I have this & love it. It is bulky but IMO it is the mercedes for babies. My lo can be comfortably asleep in the cot & then just be clipped off the frame & taken upsairs & clipped onto the fixed base without being woken up.

    I LOVE the clip on clip off feature of all the attachments. It saves me so much hassle & after testing the weight of other pushchairs which didn't have this, putting the car seat in top of the conventional pushchair makes you realise just how lightweight the mpx is.

    BUT even thogh it is lightweight it is big, I have a 5 seater people carrier & it takes up the boot but for me it is worth it.
  • I have the ultima 3 in 1 MPX chassis and like it. It's smart and easy to use. The only downside is that it's bulky. The lie flat carrycot is great although my baby wasn't in it for very long as he's tall. We use the pushchair now and he still sleeps in it and he is 18 months now. I liked the fact that the car seat fitted on the chassis but it wasn't the best car seat. When my baby fell asleep his head flopped forward. I do have a small foldup buggy which I keep in my car boot for when I'm in town which I use instead
  • I have this one and it is absolutely brilliant I love it. I love the fact you have a stand for putting the carry cot on. This was invaluable in the first few weeks when Olivia was downstairs with us but asleep and also brilliant when we go t my parents for the day so she can have her daytime nap in it. I love all the different clip attachments as well as it is so versatile.
  • I've been using it now for oooohhh 10 days and I bloody love it - i'm changing my car though because its a bit akward getting everything in and out (i've got an audi a3 and its way too small) but I would definately recommend it and would buy it again.
  • hmmmmm great minds think alike Claire!! I have been using mine for nearly 10 months now and I love it love it love it!!! The carrycot has been put away and we finally had to say goodvye to the car seat and get a forward facing one (shame because I loved the convenience of clipping the car seat on to the wheels) but the pushchair is great and as Claire said I love the fact I can have it facing both ways. Yes it can be a bit bulky but I have found a way to make it fit in the boot of my car and and it is great for those rare ocasions when we are at family or frinds houses past Chloes bedtime when I can put her in her pyjamas, recline the pushchair flat, We are now experts in moving her from her carseat to her cot whilst still asleep!
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