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Which make...????

Hi, was wondering what make bottles and steralizer everyone prefers.
I used avent last time but thats was about 5 years ago, it seems tt are popular now.



  • I used Avent and they were great. I've only got the one child so far so have no experience of any others but suspect I'll use Avent again.


  • I'v used both n I'll say I prefer tt as it made breast feeding easier
  • i used tt last time and will use it again this time, it was just so simple to use!
  • I'm using avent. some friends are using tt but for my lo the teats are too 'squashy' so milk supply easily cut off if he fidgets.
  • Hi

    I would recommend Dr Brown bottles and a microwavable steriliser (only takes 4 mins). My baby is 12 weeks old and developed late onset colic.. he's not too bad with it but these bottles reduce air bubbles etc... Should have bought them at the start.. they're a similar price to Avent...
  • I found the MAM bottles the best, my daughter preferred the teat anyway with Tommee Tippee Closer 2 Nature second.
  • well, i use both avent and tommee tippee bottles and like them both. I have always used avent in the past (last 2 children) and had an avent sterilizer but after having to by 3 as they kept going wrong we swapped to TT and so far its really good and takes both makes of bottle. (Only had it a couple of weeks after lo no3 born so still plenty of time for it to go wrong!!!)
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