Graco Mosaic One Travel System??????

Hello All,

I am looking at buying a new pushchair for my 2nd child due in Dec, I want to get another travel system, pref Graco.

I just wondered if anyone had one or had heard anything about their Mosaic One Travel System?

It is exactly what I am looking for but I don't have any stockists near me where I can go and 'test drive' it!

Any help greatly appreciated,



  • I wouldn't recommend it to be honest. I work in a baby shop and this pushchair is the one that gets returned with problems the most. Often probs with the wheels or the actual seat frame. Can i ask why you prefer a Graco? If its a stroller type travel system you want, the Maclaren XLR with Recaro car seat is really good. I think it works out a bit more expensive though!
  • my lo is 10 months and we have used this system from birth, we have had no problems with it, it is easy to use and is lightweight folds down easily and is compact. we brought the base for the car seat which was a godsend as it made transporting lo much easier. from our experience would recommend it - got it from mothercare. hth x x
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