Quinny Buzz or phil and teds?? Help cant decide!!

Hi everyone...after some advice on the Quinny Buzz and the Phil and Teds sport buggies.
I was going to buy a phil and teds but then I saw the Quinny Buzz and now I am torn between the two!!!
Can anyone help me decide??
The phil and Teds looks sturdy compared to the Buzz but I own a Corsa and think the Buzz might fit in the boot better. Plus I have bought a maxi cosy car seat and see that this will fit on the buzz. But I like the cocoon that the phil and teds will take in the fold down bit at the back for a new born.
Do people think you should also buy the Buzz Dreami carrycot for baby to lie flat for longer walks than a quick trip round ASDA in the car seat on Buzz wheels? Could double as a moses basket for new borns sleep instead of having to buy one maybe :\?
Any advice appreciated
Liz XX

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