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jane slalom pro matrix travel

hi anyone got this or looked at it?thaey have so many different types think the one we like has a carrycot as well as car seat do you think this is required?how do you know what you need is it just trial and error x anyone recommend anywhere to buy in scotland x


  • I have it!

    I overall like the system very much. My boy is now 4 months and has been in the pushchair part of it since about 2 months as it goes completely flat, I also got the footmuf for it, so he is SUPER cosy.

    The matrix cup is large and heavy, but very good on the chassis and fits fine in a car. Just a bit of a pain to carry around! The baby is super comfy in it, and warm. I liked!

    The pushchair is not the lightest one, but it is so stable and such a pleasure to push around! Goes through all shop doors and stuff.

    For a 3 wheeler it folds down really well, and the wheels can be popped with ONE button! The pushchair and hood dont have to be removed to fold it! Also a big plus for me!

    The shopping basket is ok size, but not the largest (I frankly think that they could have put a larger one there, lol, as the design totally allows it!)

    WHERE TO BUY! - it has the rain cover, change bag and seat cussion (great thing) and FREE DELIVERY! This is the best offer I could find. There are other colours and combos there as well. The site is excellent, they said the buggy would arrive in 7 - 14 days, I got it in 4! They even sent me an email asking whether I liked my product! have bought other stuff from there as well, never a prob!

    Hope I have helped.

    Edite xx
  • thank you so much for your information couldnt find much about this and i really like you know if there is much difference between the matrix and the slalom?hubby seems to think the strata is smaller but cant find any difference,he has seen both live i havent yet.thanks again x
  • - the strata travel system. The car seat is smaller - that is the difference, but it doesn't go completely flat (can be lowered a tiny bit, but not flat), thus you can't drive around with a baby in it for longer that 1-2 hours (bad for newborn back).

    If you don't want a heavier carseat (which the matrix is), go with the strata, as you will be able to put the baby in the pushchair part from birth as well, as it goes completely flat and the foot rest can be raised up, so the baby is pretty closed in + strapped in.

    Hope it helps.
  • thanks very much for your help going to have a look tomorrow x
  • saw both today and i think i prefer the matrix to the formula more practical for us and takes up less room thanks for your help x
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