moses basket matress - help please

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well

we have been given a second hand moses basket and the advice is to buy a new mattress. however I was under the impression we should be getting a mattress with air holes where babies head goes , does anyone know if this is the case??? Mothercare sell breatheasy mattresses without airholes which they said will breath if baby sweats but I just thought the holes were more for babyies breathing.

Thanks guys:\)


  • You don't need holes for the baby to breath as you should put lo down to sleep on their backs. By the time they are big enough to roll over they will probably have out grown the moses basket!
  • Thanks for help

    I just seem to get so much advice from different family & books etc it's a little hard to find out what is the best & correct advice sometimes!!

  • Hi.

    We recently went to the baby showand bought a seep curve mattress which is basically anorthopedic baby mattress which fits all cribs, moses baskets, cots and even on th floor on a play mat. It is specially designed so the baby does not get flat head and their airway is i better allignment for their breathing and it prevents them rolling over. If you type in sleep curve on internet you can buy them online. I.m a paramedic and we are constantly told of the dangers of laying babies with their big heads on a flat surface which is why we bought one, so now just keen to give it a go!!!

    I bought mine for fifity pounds with two covers!

    Good luck

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