birthing balls

does anyone know the cheapest/best place to get one from? im due in 29 days so seriously thinking of buying one soon as im having a home birth and therefore only gas and air as pain relief, so hoping a ball may help. thanks, kim x x x


  • hi there,

    I think a birthing ball is one of the best things out there and I plan on using one of them too (the hospital where I'm due to give birth at has a few balls but we were advised to bring our own (or a pump) as they are not guaranteed to be filled properly...).

    I bought a ball from Argos - with a pump that came to ??15 but I really didn't like the texture of the ball - felt like cheep plastic and I also didn't enjoy the fact that I always felt like the ball was going to burst under my weight. I endded up giving it back!

    A good price to pay for a good birthing ball is around ??23 and I think that if you do a 'pricerunner' comparison on birthing balls (in oppose to gym balls) you'll get the best place to get them.

    These balls are also supposed to be fantastic to sit on with your baby - they like the movement and they don't feel so scared as they are not too far away from the floor...

    Good luck with the hunt and with the birth!! I am due in 19 days and I did pack a pump in my hospital bag!!! :lol:

  • Might be being thivk here - but what's the difference between a gym ball and a birthing ball?
  • i dont think there is much difference to be honest, they do the same job!
  • There's a ball in the new Tesco catalogue for ??5.87.x
  • Thanks - I thought that too.

    Will check out Tesco - cheers
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