carseats...i need help!!

hi have just got back from a babywarehouse and have been really dissapointed to be told that unless i buy a new car no carseat except the graco logico will fit in my vw polo 56 reg...surely this cant b right as this is fairly new carseat and there must b others out there who hav needed a babyseat who drive polos?? i really wanted a carseat with a base that could clip onto whatever puschair i get but dont really want a graco as i know they r gheap and cheerful but had 1 with my first child and it kept falling to pieces!!! please if any1 has a polo i need ur help!! katie xx :\?


  • Could you maybe contact VW and ask their advice? Or a VW dealership? Sorry, not got any other advice! It does seem a bit strange. x
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