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I know its a big no no to use a second hand mattress but I have been given a brand new sealy mattress, which has only been used for 6 weeks by a toddler visiting a friend. It is a spring mattress with a vinyl wipe clean cover and was also used with an additional mattress cover. It would be a shame not to use it as its virtually new, but I WON'T put our baby at risk if its not recommended as I'd rather buy a new one.

If it has a vinyl cover can bacteria still get in? Just wanted your opinions! xx


  • tbh hun, i don't think it would matter too much, can you steam clean it at all? that way any bacteria would be killed off. give it a really good clean if not andgo for it! others may diagree with me but i would use it if it were me.
  • Thanks ladies xx
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    Tubbs can I ask why a second hand one is such a no no? We have a second hand cot, and know it came from a very nice home and its very very clean. It has a removable cover that we will wash - but assuming most mothers would ensure its clean etc etc why no second hand ones??
  • Basically it's because over time dust mites and bacteria find their way into the matress, regardless of how clean you keep it and then multiply (yuck!) It is thought that exposure to these can contribute to SIDS, although this isn't certain, hence the advice about new matresses.

    Forgot to add, Tubbs, if it was only used that much and has a vinyl cover then I agree with what everyone else said, I would have thought it would be fine.

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  • Hi

    Thanks bedhead. I wouldn't put my baby at risk for the sake of a few quid but it would be a shame to chuck it if its ok as its really good quality. I'll have to find out about steam cleaning xx

  • It may only have been in use for 6 weeks but do you know how long it has been sitting around unused gathering dust? I would give FSID a call and see what they think.
    As you say - better to be safe than sorry
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