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Hi just wondered of anyone has used and if it was a reliable site?

thank you


  • i have brought so much stuff from kiddicare you wouldnt believe [ even the delievery guy knows me by name lol] fab site if you order by 5pm its with you next day if not its the day after if you order after. they send you a text message at night to tell you your order left there warehouse and then you get another on the morning telling you your parcel will be with you that day and if you need to arrange another day to text back which day. so simple! and i've always had my parcels with me by 12pm so no waiting around. definately recommend this site. hope that helps sorry for waffling
  • Great thank you!
  • This is the best website EVER in my opinion and have order loads and never had any problems.
  • I agree, would def recommend! xxx
  • I have bought a lot from them too... no problems yet! xx
  • Kiddicare are fantastic!!!! Saw the pram we wanted at the shop in Peterborough and then ordered online a couple of days later. They delivered next day AND free AND regardless of the snow (was last Weds). Pram and all accessories are as described, perfect condition, and all there. Will be using them again! x
  • very good service i ordered a car seat on tuesday it was with me by 12 the next day and got a free set of blinds 2 small ones and one large one plus it was free delivery.
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