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mamas and papas polka dot pilko pramette

hi i have received my delivery of mamaps and papas pilko pramette and looking at the pram postion it doesnt look very comfortable inside for baby now they do sell a pram liner on there website for ??40 does anyone know if this is compatible with this pram thankyou as dont wanna waste ??40 if i dont have to.


  • I'm not sure about the liner but I can tell you that I bought mine when my son was born (he's now ten months) and it is now in the garage, he was so cramped up in it I do really regret getting it. Maybe have a look around at other stuff and if you find something better then return the pramette. I'm now using a maclaren strollr.
  • Hi i also have the pliko pramette in polka and I love it! I thought the pram mode was fine for a new born, and Erin never complained, it was great when hot as it has that special stuff for sweating (erin was born last august) and it was lovely and snuggly in colder mths. I dont know if the pram liner is compatible with the pliko pramette as you shouldnt need to use one, why dont you go in store and ask their advice if your concerned?
    I use it in the puschair mode now as Erin 10 mnths old. I'm actually going to have to give mine up soon as baby no 2 is due in 8.5 weeks so i'll be using a double and i'm devastated, i love my pliko pramette and i'm sure you wil l too.
    Katie, mummy to Erin 10 mnths and 31.5 weeks pg with blue bump.
  • I have ordered this and thought the same (although they had the clips up in the middle which is what could feel, they were not down as they should be in pram mode), and the girl in m&p said that some people buy a small foam moses basket mattress to go in the bottom to make it more comfy.
  • hey i love my pilko and i bought a moses basket matress for it.its great and jayden loves it 2!!!lol
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