Bugaboo question for Bedhead!

Hi Bedhead, I hope you don't mind me asking but you are the unrivaled oracle on Bugaboo here - On your Cameleon, with the raincover on but the hood not fully up did the raincover sag into the pushchair?

If I have thehood fully up while the pushchair is in upright or semi upright mode, Neve can't see much so I have it half up but this makes the raincover sag - am really hope its something I am doing wrong.

Hope this makes sense!


  • Ha Ha, never been an oracle before :lol: Yep, mine sags as well. TBH I never used it much as Millie hated it and prefers to get wet. If you know it is going to rain you can take the fabric hood off and just leave the plastic bits on and then lay the rain cover over them to stop it sagging (does that make sense?) It means lo can see out but it is far too faffy if you just get caught in a shower!!
  • Thanks bedhead - am going to remove the plastic frame from the useless uv sunshade and attach it to the inside of the raincover tostop it sagging.
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