Designing a new Baby Carrier

I'm a product designer and seeking information on what you want out of a baby carrier and the problems you've experienced with existing products.
I am aiming to design a carrier which through a rocking (or different motion) promotes sleep in the infant while also being incorporated into various buggies without compromising the motion feature.
To help me design a better product, suggestions, links, existing products and information on any ideas to improve the design are all welcome.
Thank you


  • oohh sounds promising, one that u can easily and discreetly breast feed babe in would be good, maybe with some kinda clip to undo on either side to tilt lo a little or 1 that goes from upright to lying down without having to take it off or faff about.

    dont know if any of this has been done or im asking for a miricle,he he

    good luck. xx
  • Thank you, all information is great and I hadn't actually thought of some of them points.
    thank you
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