second hand

hi all, iv heard you shouldent buy second hand cots or mattreses, is his the same for pushchairs?? thanks xxxx


  • you can buy second hand anything.its up too you not the bloody ppl that try flog ya baby aint cheap.
    You can buy a second hand cot as long as you get a new mattress.
    As to buggys check the wheels first you dont want them if they are too worn down.
  • you shouldn't get a second hand car seat either because you can't tell if it has been in an accident and if it has, that means it may not be safe to handle another accident
  • What a load of waffle! Is there anything we can get second hand these days?! I bought a second hand crib for a bargain ??10 and have had no problems at all..i nearly bought a second cotbed too but fell in love with a brand new one plus it was pretty cheap!
  • matresses should be new cause you don't know what has been done on them. and like mumof2 says car seats are dodgy, if the previous owner had an accident & didn't tell you then would you want to risk your lo's life in an unsafe one?

    But cots pushchairs etc are all good but obviously check, if painted, when they were painted cause really old stuff used lead paint.
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