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Quinny Buzz

Im really trying to get my head around prams, buggies, travel systems etc...

what id like to know is do you really need the dremi carrycot for the quinny buzz for newborns??

am i right in thinking the seat reclines fully so it is suitable for newborns, and if so does it do the job.

was thinking of getting the car seat, but was wondering if the dremi cot is valuable or not?

any opinions greatfully received as im completely in the dark!

thanks x :roll:


  • I really like the Quinny Buzz but we've decided it's too expensive. We were going to buy the carry cot as it can also be used as a moses basket for baby to sleep in for the first few weeks. It also looks so much more comfortable than the pushchair itself when out and about when baby is small. But the description does say it's suitable from birth so I guess the seat does fully recline, as newborns should lay completely flat, or so I've been told!

    Sorry not much help, I know. But it's a very nice and popular looking pushchair. Maybe the best thing to do would be to pop into your local store and try it out?

    Serena xxxx

  • thanks Serena,
    we've been given a moses basket so if i can get away without the carry cot id happily save the ??100! cant believe how expensive they are.
    i really liked the quinny but had convinced myself they were too expensive for us, but after taking DH for a look around he really wants one now - guess those gadgets were just too attractive!!
    still looking around for a bargain tho, theres just soooo much choice! happy hunting hon, hope you find something you like soon! x
  • I'm not tottaly sure but I think the Buzz seat is like the seat on my Bugaboo and doesn't recline so much as pivot (if that makes sense) If that is the case then I think the carrycot would definately be better for a new born as their legs would stick up in the seat. I think it depends how much you will use it. If you are going to walk alot then I would go for the carry cot but if you will only use it for short trips then the car seat might be a better option. We have the Maxi cosi infant carrier (cabriofix) and it is absoultely fantastic.
  • Hello!
    Hoping I can help here.... I have got a Buzz and totally love it to bits!!
    I have not bothered with the Dreami Carricot at all. Personally it seemed a waste of money and thought that if I needed it after the baby arrived I would buy one then. I didn't need one and so haven't bothered.
    I did think I might get one instead of a Moses basket but when I went off to Mothercare to investigate I found it really heavy - and that was without the baby in it!!!!
    I use my Maxi Cosi car seat to transport my LO about at the moment as it's so convenient to put it onto the Buzz. But now the weather is brightening up a bit (she says, Jinxing things!) I have just got the pushchair bit out the garage to try it. I wish I had realised how much it reclined because I would have used it sooner, it is practically flat and can be used from birth.
    What I'd suggest is having a look at this link:

    At the right of the pic there is an option to View Movie which goes through everything in depth and is really useful to see how it all works. (Also they have just posted my review on there!). I bought my Quinny from Kiddicare as it was the cheapest around - about ??260 inc free delivery. I also used the Greasy Palm website so got cashback on buying it through Kiddicare which made it even cheaper.

    Hope this helps... xx

  • wow, thanks so much, just what i needed to hear...oh doesnt stand a chance now - lol!

    serena ive seen on your other post youve put a deposit down, are you buying the dreami cot and car seat as well??

    thanks x
  • Hi Wilko

    Yes we've put a deposit down on the pushchair and the carrycot! So much for it being too expensive hey? Hubby was really sweet and said if I wanted it I could have it! And I liked the whole package so we did get the carrycot aswell!! We are buying the maxi cosi car seat, but we're getting this separately. I want it in the deep red colour but all the shops just seem to stock the black reflection or penguin colours! I think we'll get it online xxxx
  • I have it too and love it! All I would say is the carrycot part is very expensive and very narrow inside. I used it as a carry cot and also to take lo out for walks in. I bought mine separate from the Buzz itself, I got it 2nd hand on e bay for the bargain price of ??60! It was still like new as the baby that had it first didn't like lying down and had only used it 2 or 3 times. I only used it for 2 months or so cos Poppy hated not being able to wave her arms about (too thin inside!) so it went back on e bay and I got ??30 for it!
    I would definately recommend buying used from ebay then selling it on - it will save you a fortune and all that money saved can buy something else you really want!
  • Were do you live i have a carrycot that attaches to the frame its red and black with raincover and the cover to keep baby warm i want 40 for it x
  • Hi Amy,


    Are you still looking to sell your Dreami carrycot for the Buzz?





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