Off road buggy

We are wanting to get an off road buggy as we go for lots off walks on the moor, in woodlands etc and would really appreciate some recommendations. I'm not bothered about what it looks like or it being small, lightweight etc as we have our current pram for going into town, it would be more for family outings.

At the moment we are considering the Brritax (oops baby brain, I've forgotten what it's called) or a Mountain Buggy.

Thank you, xxx


  • we haven't got ours yet, but we have ordered a bugaboo.

    the wheels turn round so they are fixed to make it easier, and put the bigs wheels at the front

    obviously not the cheapest choice though!
  • What about the Phil and Ted's? That has the added bonus that if you have another lo soon you can convert it to a double. I had a Bugaboo Chameleon for Millie and now have a Phil and Ted's and tbh compared to the Phil and Ted's the Bugaboo doesn't do so well on really rough ground, having three wheels seems to make the P&T cope much better with bumps, plus the little wheels on the bugaboo tend to clog up with mud quite quickly. (The bugaboo is ace though!)
  • Thanks for the answers, I will go and look at them tomorrow. Any excuse for a shopping trip...
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