Mothercare Trenton Deluxe travel system

Hello, i was wondering if anybody has got this travel system? We are still trying to decide on a pushchair, and this is my fav so far. Are there any bad points to it at all? many thanks, becki x


  • hello becki

    i got this system last year (my baby is 11 months old now - cant believe it !) although mine is under the name graco quattro tour deluxe (they are the same people and same buggy but with different badges).

    I love mine, especially with the carrycot insert, ideal for this time of year as i was always taking by son our for a walk on bright crisp winter mornings, great for his little lungs.

    I have to say though that even the lady in mothercare said they overpriced the trenton a bit considering the graco came up cheaper in babies r us, and was a nicer and more practical colour. i have just looked and the mocha one is the same price as the black and silver quattro tour deluxe so it is a personal choice of colour really.

    where abouts do you live just out of interest as there is a great shop in the east london/essex border for the extras?

    many test sites say they cannot fold this one one handed but i have never had a problem and it holds my purse and phone when i go out and much, much shopping !

    good luck in deciding but make sure it is not the suede effect one as goes bald after a bit of rubbing.
  • hey, i live in leicester and i have to say there are not many good baby shops around this area! Our babys due on 10th january so i'm glad you've mentioned the fact that it's good to take out on cold mornings!! Did you have the base for the car seat aswell? Thanks for the advice
  • Yes, a base for mine and one for husbands car. I must say though that the babies head did seem to fall forward when asleep but i think with a bit of jiggery pokery it will fit better and because they were aware of this with other peopel i think they may have changed things a bit bit i love it and so does Dylan. It is a great winter buggy. The only down side is there is not much room on my boot for shopping once its in (ford focus) but i would choose mine again with cost, value and quality in mind. No travel system or buggy ticks all of the boxes but this one does most. i think the rain cover may be a bit cheaper in babies r us and if you join their baby club (i never did) they give you money off so if you went with them will be even cheaper.
  • Hiya, i have this travel system, it only got delivered the other day and it was by far my favourite. I got it in the grey and green as i found so many people had the mocha and i dont like to follow suit! Plus i know im having a boy and i thought it was really nice colours for a boy.

    I really like all the little added extras that come with the buggy and found it really simple to put up and take down. Though one downside is that is it pretty bulky and heavy once collapsed but its nice and easy to move around and i too really like the travel cot. I was really lucky and got it at a time where as i got it ??70 off! so i only paid ??200 which i thought was a great buy, considering how much some buggys cost nowadays, ludacris!
  • ive got the graco, but its the same. its fab, it fit in our car boot (a little clio) its great if you walk a lot and lo slept in the carrycot during the day. we got the 'manhattan' its black with a silvery trim great for both boys and girls.
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