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Fisher price rainforest range


I can't decide whether to buy the bouncer (40 pounds), or go all out and buy the swing (100 pounds). I am looking for something I can put my baby in as soon as possible after it is born. I really don't mind paying for the swing, if the baby will be able to use it from birth for longer, but then again, I don't want to spend money unnecessarily. Does anyone have any experience of them please? There aren't many reviews on amazon.



  • I havent any experience of it yet but we plan to buy the swing because we've been told the motion of the swing is great for settling a colicky or unsettled baby.

    Hilary x
  • Have you had a look at the Fisher Price 3 in One Rocker swing ??80 - it isn't the rainforest range but seems to cover both the swing and baby bouncer plus you can steady it for feeding or sleeping. I don't have one - but have been looking at them and this seems like a good combination to me.

    Gill x
  • HI
    I have the swing, and the its the best thing i have ever bought!
    Lewis just loves it, he has been in it since he was born and he is now 5 months old and he still fits in it fine probably get another few months out of it, you can steady it for feeding! the swing can be moved in various positions, so it can swing from side to side or back and forth (if you know what i mean) - Lewis likes sitting in it and watching tv - the animals on the mobile are good and the music that it plays isn't annoying like some music! - hope that helps
  • Im not sure if anyone read my post but the fisher price rainforest swing has been recalled
  • hiya babydevil - its not the swing that has been recalled its the take along swing!
  • Oh right I see!!! Thanks!!!
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