formula milk? which is best?

with my first i bf to start with but ended up with mastitus (sorry about misspelling) and had to stop and started giving him sma formula milk. It was good to start with but after a while i was having to up it to hungrier baby because he was constantly hungry then to sma progress with baby rice. Will i be better off with cow and gate or another or could it just have been that he was a little munch machine that liked his food?


  • My 1st was on the SMA set but with my 2nd I found Farley's to be quite good. My 3rd and 4th ones were diff coz of milk allergy so 3rd had a soya replacement and 4th is on an Aptimil hypo-allergenic formula as he's allergic to soya as well. I will prob stick to Aptimil for no5 to start with as have been impressed with how no4 has been doing on it!

    Oh, with my 2nd, if I couldn't get Farley's I used Cow n Gate!
  • I use sma for my baby and it's been fine, though I did notice that sma gold didnt seem to fill him up at all so changed it to sma white which is much better! Mummyx5, they don't make Farleys anymore - it's Nurture, and it is ??7.98 now, just for a change of name and packaging. x
  • i didnt bf my LO due to personal reasons so i used Cow and Gate which was fine for her never had to give hungry baby or anything and at the time it was the cheapest one. i was going to swap onto sma beacsue thats what i was recommened to use but was told not to change half way through so stuck with Cow and Gate. hopefully will bf next time,if not ill try sma.
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