Hi all,

I am going to sell my Loola Confort it is just a nightmare and have decided to go back to a good old trustworthy Maclaren.

Has anyone got the sport and how do you get on with it?

I have heard that the straps are quite good in length which I need because although my son is only 6 months old he is a big bruiser :lol:

I love the footmuff I have for the loola so may keep this and see if goes ok on the Maclaren it is so cosy and snug.

I must go into Mothercare and take my son in his big winter coat an try it out.

Leila xxx


  • Maclaren sport works well for us, my dd(3 on 27th) fits fine with a bulky coat on and she also has a blanket on freezing days(well nearly everyday at the mo lol!) She doesnt like the straps over her arms and only has it clipped at the waist but they are plenty long enough if she changes her mind.
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