My wife cant sleep

Hello everyone,

Wanted to start a new subject, which I hope I can help everyone with.

We have a beutiful 6 month old baby, the only problem is that mine and my wifes sleeping patterns are all over the place. Im sure I am not alone. I was told by my friends wife about a sleep cd called arms of morpheus. I purchased a copy from amazon and it was delivered to me very soon after. To my astonishment it helped me sleep, like a baby and made me feel so good.

My wife tried the cd too and was very happy with the results, we are now sleeping so much better and are so happy with what we have come across. Apparently there is a cd on Amazon called Morpheus powernap, its not released yet but I have reserved my copy which Iam looking forward to receiving, so I can have a sleep in the afternoons.

If your in the same boat as my wife and me buy the cd, you will see a major difference.

Hope I have helped, Paul from Hampshire.


  • Did it help your little one to sleep any better? My Lo is an awful sleeper and it is her tossing and turning and moaning that keeps me awake as I am such a light sleeper.
    Do you think it would help my Lo sleep?
  • Hello

    Although there is relaxing talking on the cd, there is also, relaxing tones of waves in the back ground of the cd. I found this soothing and very calming.

    It will most deffently help you, it is money well spent in my eyes and I use it most nights.

    Hope this helps.

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