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What washing powder?

Hi mum nearly had a heart attack when I told her I was going to wash the babys clothes in Bold 2 in 1 :\?. She informs me I have to use fairy or something called Sturgeen and then add fabric softener.

So what do/will you be using to wash your babies clothes?


  • exactly the same as i always do baby clothes are mostly made from the same materials as adult clothes now,i could understand washing in other powder if they were all made of terry towelling still but very few are, besides bold 2in1 has got fabric conditioner in.
  • I think her (mums) point was that bold is a detergent & quite harsh for new born skin & fairy is designed for baby skin & with fabric softner as well would be kinder. I just wondered on this as I didn't think about it before either!!
  • I'm using persil and baby comfort conditioner as i did with my first child. I've washed everything ready for baby. I think you have always got a little chance of baby being allergic to any washing materials good luck don't think you will need it tho :\)
  • Hi, I use Tesco non-bio and Tesco pure fabric conditioner on my lo things. Bio powder can be quite harsh if your babies skin is sensitive.
  • Hi, I only use non-bio washing powder and unscented fabric conditioner as I have a family history of sensitive skin but I buy what ever is cheapest (or has free penguins!!)
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