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Baby Bond Review


This post is for those of you that are thinking about booking a 4D scan, but haven't made a decision yet. This is my first pregnancy and I decided early on that it would be a really nice way of getting to know my baby and helping my OH bond with our little bean. We booked and went for our 4D scan 4 weeks ago when I was 24 weeks. The sonographer was lovely and put us at our ease instantly, we told him we didn't wish to know the sex and he advised us when we needed to look away. However our little bean would not behave and kept covering its face, with either one hand or both hands or its foot. So after 20 minutes and a 20 walk and another 20 minutes, he decided that it would be best to call it a day. Although it had been great to see the little bean obviously I was dissappointed to be coming away with just one picture.

However Baby Bond kindly invited us to come back 4 weeks later with no additional charge. This time we had a lady who was also great and within a couple of minutes had me laying in a postion where we had a good view of our babies head and shoulders. So we spent a very enjoyable 40 minutes watching our baby suck its hand, foot, yawn, open and close its eyes and snuggly down for a nap, and came away with a beautiful large photo, a series of small ones, loads of jpgs and a 14 minute dvd of our little bean moving in my tummy!

I don't know how many times my OH has already watched to DVD - but it is a good job they don't wear out! :lol::lol:



  • Wow hun sounds fab, how much did that package cost you?

  • i can vouch for babybond 4d scans, we also had a little man who wanted to hide away and get puuting hands on face, so was also sent away for cake, coffee and a walk, did the trick and was very pleased with the end result.

    We paid ??199, got a 15 min dvd, 6 colour pics, 1 A4 colour pic, cd with images, extra B&W images of foot, tackle and hb, and she also gave my son a little envelope of is own with "my baby brother" on it and gave him 6 B&W 4d pics

  • Becky Lou,

    They have different packages we went for option 1 which was ??199 - Not cheap but we have some very special memories....and images

  • I had a babybond scan with my first baby at 16 weeks. The sonographer seemed lovely at the time and we had an amazing scan with a dvd to take home. The purpose of the scan was to tell the gender of my baby. The sonographer said that I was having a perfectly healthy little girl after checking my baby over to check for any abnormalities.

    4 weeks later I have my 20 week scan. I found out that I was having a boy.. Not only that, I found out that there was something really wrong. My little boy was not healthy at all. He had Edwards Syndrome - a chromosome abnormality which can affect 1 in 3,000 pregnancies. His strain of the abnormality was so strong that there was no way that he could be born into this world alive.

    He was born asleep 2 weeks later.

    My "perfectly healthy little girl" was infact a very poorly little boy.



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