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Cosytoes / Foot muff product

Hello all

I am new to this website and am looking for a bit of advice. My son is eight and a half months and I am looking for something to keep him warm in his buggy. There seem to be a lot of products to choose from and no product reviews that I can find. The two I have been looking at most are the Buggysnuggles (with or without pom poms) or the Cozyosko

The Buggsnuggles have a removable top piece so you can sit your child on the base and attach and detach the top without getting them in or out of the buggy. They are made from four layers of fabric anti-pil polyester fleece fabric (unless otherwise stated). They pad the buggy, making it nice and comfy, and provide excellent protection from the cold. Also, because fleece fabrics are not absorbent, a light shower of rain will just roll off without soaking through, which is very handy when you have gone out without the rain cover!

The Cozyosko is multi-function, designed for use both in and out of the pram, converting from a snug cosytoes in the buggy to a play rug for the floor, a blanket, a changing mat, a car seat cosy and even folds up into a pillow!

Both come in great designs and are similar in price (??30 - ??40)

Has anyone used either or got any tips or recommendations on these or other similar products please?

Thanks in advance
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