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petite maternity clothes

i know it'll sound a strange one, but does anyone know of anywhere where petite maternity wear can be bought. i have just got some size 12 trousers - my first buy :\) - but need short legged stuff as i am only 5 foot.
I have a couple of formal things to go to soon, when my bump will be bigger, and i have seen a dress by red herring, only 20 pounds too. so i am going t get that shortly. it's funny in some ways, i'd never buy red herring and the likes when i wasn't preg, normally it would be primark and the likes. oh well, is this the perks?? image
oh, underwear too - what are my best things to buy, sorry new to all of this stuff!
Sarah xxxx


  • Hi. I was size 6 before having my baby, so can understand your need for small maternity clothes! I found H&M very good, as well as New Look and Next directory. Hope this helps and good luck!!
  • Hi Sarah
    same problem for me. I'm 5 foot too (although sadly not a size 6 like lucky 'quinny' over here. more10-12 really). It seems to me you're only allowed to get big if you are also relatively tall! Not fair!

    I'm only 16 weeks so not huge yet but I foresee trouble already as I searched high and low for maternity trousers last weekend and ended up getting a pair from Next which I have had to roll up double fold ups at bottom and fastened with safety pins! Ha.

    I really hate the idea of having to spend money on maternity stuff as I won't be in it long and like you I never used to spend a lot on clothes. 'quinny' tip of H&M sounds as I normally quite like their clothes. I might have look there (maybe they cater for the short but big lady?).

    Good luck to us!
    Let's not be frumpy in pregnancy!!!
  • Hi,
    I am hitting the shops tomorrow as i am free for the morning on my own as the ot is working. I am going to try H & M as we have one of them in town. I have seen a nice dress that i may buy as my posh frock as it looks as though it expands. red herring image
    knickers are a pain the in ..... :P they fall down so much now.
    i have stuck my trousers with bonda web. apparently they look really nice. i am no seamstress but happy with the comments. my work uniform should be with me soon, can't wait as i will blend in better at work. image
    Sarah xx
  • Hi i got trousers from Dorothy perkins and i'm 5 ft so i think they do short leg ( still too long for me) in maternity . I also got a black maternity dress from them (last year) for a wedding reception . Which was great comfy and flattered the bump although , not in short length.
    I could'nt find anything in next for short leg , i was a size 16 .
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