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which pushchair should i buy?

I can't decide which pushchair to buy.

I will mainly be travelling by car but will sometimes have to get the bus. (i don't mind buying a seperate car seat)
I would like the baby to be facing me and would like something suitable from birth onwards.
I live up stairs so nothing to heavy.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Thank you


  • Hi,

    I'm still pregnant with 1st, so can't recommend one that I've used, but I'm going to get the Loola Up - it's front and rear facing, can be used from birth and folds up very easily and fairly small (my critera was that it needs to fit in the boot of a Citreon Saxo). I don't think it's the lightest pram (about 10kg) but it looks smart and compact - when I'm out and about you should see me crane-necking at everyone's prams!

    Would it be worth you going into a shop and trying some out? If you can't get in, try looking on as they have videos to most of the prams they sell which might gibe you a little more idea.

    Good Luck

  • Hi

    Where are you buying it from, are you getting the carry cot with it?
  • hi i used to lived in a flat when i had my 1st and 2nd sons. for my first i had an urban detour with phematicatic [sorry haven't got a clue how to spell that] pump up tyres i mean and that was great getting up and down stairs for my 2nd son i brought a bebe confort loola which was lovely to look at but rubbish to get up stairs the solid tyres were a nightmare to lug up and down. for my 3rd son i've got an obaby zezu pramette which is fab because its got the pump tyres at the back which would be good for getting up stairs and solid tyres at the front it starts as a pram then you can turn it to a parent facing pushchair and then turn it round to face outwards. got mine off and they have good vids showing you how it works.
    sorry to of waffled just thought i'd point out the tyre options because i know i noticed a real difference getting my 2 different types of pushchairs up and down stairs.
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