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Does anyone have an ikea cot? Which mattress did you use? Its early days but I'm in the process of researching things to buy and wondered if the ikea cots and mattresses are ok . Thanks ladies xx



  • i was looking at them... just to let you know - their sizes have/are about to change... i think there making them bigger.
  • i have been looking at an Ikea cot, cos i like the matching wardrobe and changing unit. I was going get mattress from mothercare though, i know the ones in Ikea are probably British Safety Standard, i just thought a mothercare one would be better (my view only of course).
  • i went to ikea the other week and was impressed with the standard of the cots for the money.....however i then went to toys r us and fell in love with a cot there....and they did seem a lot sturdier, but even so i do think the ikea ones would be perfectly suitable for the job. the one thing i didnt like tho was that none of them appeared to have the drop side.....still sooooo indecisive! so many decisions to make aggh!
  • Hi i have got an ikea cot and its great i got a mothercare mattress and have had no problems lo loves it and it was a great price perfect for people on a budgetimage
    take care
  • Thanks ladies xx
  • Friend has an Ikea cot which she has had no problems with. The mattress cost her more than the cot!

    For mattresses look on e-bay, there is an e-bay shop called The Cot Mattress Company ( http://stores.ebay.co.uk/THE-COT-MATTRESS-COMPANY ) who sell brilliant sprung mattresses at a lot less than Mothercare. Both my sil & myself bought our cot-bed mattresses from here and 1 yr on my sil mattress is still perfect, no dip etc where baby lies in same position, and you can get an extra cover for mattress for if you have a sicky baby, and it's a godsend!

    Hope you find a cot you like, i also fell in love with one at toys-r-us, but it doesn't have a dropside which i wanted, but it is low enough that i don't strain my back (at the moment!) picking lo up.

  • Thanks, I've been looking at some lovely ones on the toys r us website. I'm hoping we can have a look after my scan next week, just to get an idea! xx


  • I have brought the whole hensvik range from ikea (cot, changing Station, Wardrobe and wall unit) i reckon cot will prob last for about 10 months but will be ready to get a cot bed then anyway. Brought the matteress from mothercare for ??30.00!! Hope this helps

  • We bought our cot and matress (sprung) from Ikea. Millie has been sleeping in it for 17 months now and it has been fantastic. There is no sign of wear to the springs and she sleeps really well and seems really comfy.
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