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Hi can anyone reccomend whether electronic or manual pumps are best and what types are good.

I was looking at Tommee tippee as I had also looked at their bottles for breast & bottle feeding.

any ideas?



  • Not sure if you will see this now but wanted to say that, while ive heard good things about the TT manual pump, I took back 2 different TT electric pumps as they were useless (I was pumping A LOT though). I got the Medela Swing and loved it.
  • Medela Mini all the way!!!

  • Medela is the best brand but if like me you have no fecking chance of affording it try ebay for good prices on breast pumps brand new. I am waiting on one coming from an American seller because they are much cheaper for exactly the same thing. Also get one where you can adjust the suction and you will get the best result. I use the tommee tippee Closer to nautre bottles for bottle and breast feeding and they are the best highly recommend them.
  • Medela swing is fab!

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

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