Protection fro cats

Does anyone know where to get something like a net to put over a moses basket and other items to stop my cat from sitting on baby when it arrives?


  • i got a cat net for cot and an insect net for carseat that also fits on the moses basket from EBAY! or i've seen them in the co-op and wilkinsons

    i have 3 cats and only ever found 1 cat in the moses basket a couple of times after LO was taken out and it was still warm!- worst thing is they all like to sit on his babygym mat. Never found them in the cot/buggy/carseat when nets arnt on.

    Never really had a prob with them sitting on LO's things or LO. They are all soppy lap cats and used to sit on my bumb and now when LO's on my lap they'll come sit with us and put their head on him (till LO kicks them off) there all really great and LO loves to sit and watch them play he giggles and my youngest cat chasing it's toys.

  • I got a net from babies 'r' us. fits over pram, cot, moses basket etc. think it was ??3.99
  • We got ours on the internet from Clippasafe - more for now - before the baby arrives - a cot looks like a fairly cosy cat bed to one of my moggies!!
  • Only just seen this posting. I've Clippasafe ones as well, one for the moses basket and one for the cot. Luckily a friend gave them to me as I found I didn't really need them. The only times the cats ever got in the pram was when lo wasn't in it. After that I always made sure the hood and apron was on in it then they weren't fussed.
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