Baby furniture advice?

Hey girlies

I'm only 6 weeks but already am looking at nursery furniture ..I know it's too early but I am usually way organise and like to do a bit of research to find the best deals...

Can anyone recommend where to buy nursery furniture from or any fab buys you have got?

Thanks for your help!



  • Hiya

    Firstly congrats on your preg!
    My nursery furniture is from Mothercare. I've got the Ashton cot and changing station, its very basic but my LO's room is so small that its really all we need.

    You could spend a fortune on a speciality feeding chair but I have a chair & footstool from Ikea and it is the most comfy piece of furniture I've ever sat on!

    My best buy is a towelling bath support from Mothercare. The baby can't slip, it fits in a baby bath for when LO is tiny and then can be used in big bath when necessary, it leaves both your hands free for washing LO.

    I hope you have lots of fun choosing, I can't wait to do it again x
  • i would definatly recommend either a changing unit or a cot top changer. ive had a bad back since being pregnant and its been lovely not having to bend over or go on floor still use it now LO is 15 months x
  • i found a chair essential. we got a really nice gliding chair and stool they are really expensive, but we got ours of ebay ??50. our cot/changong table came from ikea and was very resonable and if nothing else its an excuse to go to ikea!! good luck xx
  • We bought our furniture from one of the shops on ebay, its lovely and a bit different from what you normally see in shops. I would deffo have a look around before deciding xxx
  • hi we brought ours from argos- cotbed with storage draw, wardrobe and chest of draws with cchaning top, and shelves cost ??400 and i love it. really sturdy and good quality, it was quite easy to build and looks lovely. congratulations and hope your pregnancy goes well x
  • Thanks ladies... you have been very helpful, I will get researching and see what I like...lisa thats great you got everything for ??400 ...everything seems so expensive!

  • Hi
    We bought a wardrobe and draw unit from MFI, we opted to get normal stuff rather than baby size as it will see us through and we found alot of the nursery furniture expensive or noy great quality.
    I got a really nice chair and footstool from Ikea.
  • Hi there
    I've got the ikea chair (it rocks a bit) and its fab (??35) I spent a fortune on the rest of the furniture from Mamas and Papas the white and beech one, its really sturdy and No 2 due for the cot soon. Have also bought a chest of white drawers from Ikea and then put fancy handles on with flowers to brighten it up
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