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What pram to buy??? Sooooo confused!!

Ive had a look at the Quinney Buzz and the Mamas and Papas Luno. Both come with a carry cot which can be used as a moses basket. I already have a moses basket so there really isnt any need for the carry cot which cost about ??90-??150.

My problem is that both prams do not lie completly flat. There is a very slight incline so Im not too sure if that is ok for a new born. Baby isnt really going to be in the pram for any longer than 2 hours so I dont know if thats ok. Is it ok to put new baby in the car seat rather than the main seat of the pram?

Im looking for a pram which is compact but looks quite nice too... so not to keen on the M&P Pliko as is so bulky.

Any help greatly appreciated




  • Hello there, i too have trouble finding a pram i like. I want it to b comfortable but compact & i have only found 1 that i might get. It is the pistachio silver cross in toys r us. I checked mothercare & woolworths & argos but no luck.

    I need help too, im going out on monday to have another look, ill keep u updated!

    By the way how did u get the baby developement chart on here, i want 1!!!!!
  • Ive gone for the Silver Cross in the Sofia colour, its a limited edition. Found it really difficult to find one I liked, I thought I would be spoilt for choice but just couldnt find anything that suited!
  • Hi, where is that 1 from? & what colour is it?
  • its from my local shop but there are some on ebay - the pics on ebay dont really do it justice though - it actually sounds really disgusting when you describe it, its a grey colour with a black flower on the side and it has beads on it - it is nice i promise!!! i think that should bring a pic up, not sure if im allowed to do that or not! Its much nicer in real life than in the pictures
  • Its looks really nice, ill investigate further!!
  • By the way how did u get the baby developement chart on here, i want 1!!!!!

    If u click on the chart it will take you to the Baba Gaga website where you can choose differnet types!

  • Thanks, i have put it on my google homepage!!!
  • the 1 in ambaamba's post. look at the rainbow chart at the end of her posts!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amba, have you got a Mothercare world near you? They should be able to show you things that will suit you. I'm not sure about either of those two pushchairs but generally a newborn is better laid flat as it helps their spines develop properly. You can use a car seat and this is quite good for short trips (especially if they are asleep when you get there!) but agan this is not ideal as they are not flat. There are quite a few compact pushchairs that have a layback seat, such as the Maclaren Techno XT but it depends what looks you like. I would try and get to Mothercare and have a play! Hope this helps Kerryxx
  • My mothercare world didnt help me. there was no1 there to advise me or give me advice!

    The silvercross prams do lay flat also, im very particluar about that aswel!
  • Bedhead

    Thanks for that I will go and have a look this weekend... god too much choice thats the problem!



  • It might be worth going to one of the Baby Shows (if there is one on near you in time). We went to the one in London on Saturday and got the M&P Pliko, we found it teally suited us and we got it for a fantastic price. It was great because we got to play with all different kinds of prams and picked the best one for us.
  • ladies before you buy any pushchair/pram check out the website kiddisave its in walsall and has some fab bargins i went there as my family live in walsall we brought a recaro pushchair with car seat and isofix base for ??225 my friend brought a m&p ??70 less than the rrp they do have some bargins if you live close it well worth a visit id neva heard of recaro till my oh who works for ford nearly killed over at the throught of owning a recaro(who i found out make car seats and are supposed to be the safest to buy) the isofix base is also the only company that will do to fit the next size up to so moe ?? saved. My step mom advised me on a pushchair she works for socal services providing immediate care for kids she has ha devery type of pushchair going 4 of which have been M&P they have broke within 5 months the same as my next door Neighbours. they have everything its such a fab place to go :\)
  • sorry ladies ive just had a lok at the website and they dont have half as much as they do in the shop. its in walsall in the town centre and behind woolworths i carnt praise it enough you'll all love it!!!!
  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • amba how did you get your signiture on the botton of your posts?? where did you save it or are you putting it on everytime?

    hope you get a pram sorted!

  • Wenders

    I have to put it on everytime...


  • We went for the Mamas and Papas - Pipi in tutti frutti.

    Argos seems to have the best price, and their delivery service is excellent.

    We first read a review of the buggy at the brilliant Pram Buggy Pushchair review website which shows lots of prices from different places and organises them cheapest first, so its easy to see a deal!


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