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Mamas n papas luna or Chicco liteway!!???

Hi there

Does anyone have the above pushchairs?

I have just sold my Quinny Buzz which i loved but felt we would be better with something smaller.

I have searched all pushchairs and narrowed it down to these 2!!! but have read some mixed reports so still cant make a decisions.

If you have these how are you finding them or if u have had them and didnt like them why??



  • Hi I have the M&P Luna and I have to say I love it its easy to put up and down, lightweight (I can manage to push it one handed when necessary) and I get sooo many comments on it! I think the only down points are that I was told it folded down that small it would fit in the boot of a mini, now I haven't seen the size of a new mini's boot but I'm assuming its quite small but I would be surprised if it did as I struggle to fit it into my peugeot 106 boot which is actually quite big but put on its side its slim so would fit in any boot that way round if you took the parcel shelf out! Also the basket on the bottom isn't huge so if you have loads of shopping to do this can be a pain and I was annoyed that the car seat only comes in brown so like I have the green and I would have liked it to match! But I get round both of these and think they are small down points which are outwayed by the ease of use of this pushchair along with its great modern looks I'd buy another one tomorrow! We went into M&P's and asked for a demo give it a go and see how easy you find it and you'll see the size of it folded then too! Good luck!
  • Hi Sally

    thanks for taking the time to comment!!1 I went with the Luna and ive gotta say i do love it it looks lovely and is so nice to push!!! ive only took it out once tho and am slightly worried my little boy doesnt like it!!! He's had 2 screaming fits in was beacuse he was tired but usually he settles stright away and wud fally straight asleep in his quinny!!!! but he's been a bit of a pain in this hopefully he will settle with it soon lol!!!!

    My little ones 11 months so dont need to use with a car seat but its not very good you can only get it in 1 colour!!! I bought the pram in Truffle did like the green but dint think dad wud like it too much LOL!!!!

    Definitely wud recommend this pushchair though!!!
  • hi i just got a new luna mix pushchair, and am waiting for the carry cot to arrive - the pushchair seems great ! really easy to manover and put up and down, and as im 5 ft nothing and my other halfs 6ft everything! the adjustable handle is a godsend!
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