free jumbo box of nappies, real!

just click on the link n follow simple steps and wait a couple of weeks then recieve your free jumbo box, not just a sample a whole box!!!!!!!


  • its not real.

    i never recieved mine, and lots of other people who did this never recieved theirs either - just lots and lots and lots (!!!!!) of junk mail/spam.

    If you're thinking of doing this ask the ladies in the baby forum about it, they will soon give you the 'real' information about it.

  • i back up sy,i did this when pregnant and have still not received anything,my lo is 4 mths old and all i get is bloody neusence phone calls!!3 of my friends did it too n got nothing!
  • I did it too and not a jot!!!
  • Funny how the people who post these are always 'newbies'!? I think they've just reg'd to post these spam sites!

  • I'm just slightly annoyed. I just clicked on the link and signed up and then read others feed back. Just wait for all the spam to arrive!
    Thanks for NOTHING!!!!
  • ha ha ha ha ha

    i just logged into my account and read what it says, and it says three people have used my link but not one of them has completed an offer!


    what a farce - if three people have used the link, and they in turn have to complete an offer to get a box of nappies, how can they not have done one...?! :lol:

  • I did it too & never heard anything. Is a scam indeed. xx
  • This is a scam
  • yeah, funny how the people who do post these things are NEWBIES!! You never hear from them again!!

    Go away!!! Lets be careful and not fall for this stupid rubbish!!

    Pinkpig xx
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