mothercare jungle collection

hi, me and my oh have brought all our nursery in this and have found it to be fab it looks lovely and bright, now mothercdare have 10% off the collection. its worth it we just painted the walls yelow and put the border up as i work for the nhs a occuptional therapist said that yellow is the best colour for a babies room as stimulates the brain so thats gud to


  • I got this range for my son I'm not decorating again so baby2 will be having it too!! I loved it! I"ma bit arty so I painted the giraffe/hippos etc onto the wall :\) we did the other walls green & cream because at the time we didn't know what sex he was. xxx
  • Hiya
    I am quite taken with this range too and there are a few bits on eBay I will get. I am just going to paint 1 wall lime green and the rest is white as I am not sure what I am having!
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