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2nd hand double puschair, of ebay

imageHi all, what does everyone think to buying 2nd hand pushchairs of ebay? Been looking on there and could pick up a bargain, but would a 2nd hand pushchair say a year old last another 2 years wih everyday use? The jane powertwin is what im looking at?


  • i bought a second hand phil and teds off of ebay and although it is well used it still has loads of life left in it. if i wish i can always get new covers for it to sprouse it up. no one can tell it''s second hand unless i say. it just looks like i've had it a while. not only that i got it for ??130, a bargain really as i couldn't afford to spend ??400 on a new one.
  • hi. i bought a mothercare tandem off ebay and it is the best pushchair i could have bought. it was like new . got a real bargain. if you look carefully enough you can get some good
  • I bought a Maclaren Techno recently and am really pleased with it.
    Some people use the same pushchair for several babies so I see no reason why it shouldn't last.
  • I used my powertwin for three years then sold it to a friend who used it for one year before selling it to someone else on ebay.
    So i would say if its only been used a short time there will be plenty of life left x
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