reusable nappies

My daughter is now 4 weeks old and has been in cloth nappies for two weeks. I would really recommend using disposables for a while at first as you've got lots to get used to with a new baby!

We use tots bots and really like them. I only bought white ones so I don't have to worry about them getting spoiled, I'm going to get some patterned wraps for 'best' though! We've got some bamboozles (which are really absorbant but take quite a while to dry, they're also less bulky so good for putting under trousers) and some fluffles (they're REALLY soft and dry quickly and are still very absorbant). I do a wash every other day and dry mine in the airing cupboard (the fluffles dry easily in a few hours / overnight) so they're still soft and are out of sight! I hardly notice the extra washing and I like the fact that I'm wrapping my baby's bottom in something so soft - I've been known to rub her nappy covered bottom on my face - clean ones only lol!!

I'd also say it's worth contacting your council to see what incentives they offer, mine offered a ??30 refund when I spent ??50 and this could also be used on laundry services, somthing worth thinking about if you can't be bothered to do the washing!


  • Hi there, The best disposable I can recommend is tesco own I will never go back to named brands tesco are even better and at half the price.
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