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iCandy apple/cherry, Quinny Buzz, Loola or Bugaboo??!!!

Ok so hubby & i have narrowed down our buggy search-kind of! But can't decide between the above pushchairs so would really love to hear from any of you who've had any of these. What you liked/disliked etc. General opinions please! Thanks in advance, lucy x


  • We have a bugaboo, haven't actually used it outside yet but bought it because everyone said it was one of the best out there. It's a bit pricey but we got ours nearly new off of preloved. I like the fact that baby lies flat in the carrycot and you can add a maxi cosi cabriofix car seat onto it to save taking baby out when asleep and waking up. and in normal mode baby can face you or away - which is nice to see baby face to face contact etc. our 2nd choice was the quinny buzz looks good too.


  • I want to have baby lying flat too. Just puts me off that when you need to collapse your buggy you have to take the carrycot off and you end up with two separate pieces! I'm taking my driving test after baby is born coz i'm far too big right now lol! Just hope i pass, it must be really difficult getting out & about on buses with a new baby! Does any1 know if you can fold the i.candy prams with the seat unit still on? I haven't found anywhere that stocks them so i haven't really seen them properly
  • I have the bugaboo chameleon for Millie and I absoutely love it. All of the things that chelle says are true and also it is really easy to keep it looking nice as you can take all of the fabrics off and throw them in the wash. Of the pushchairs you are looking at the bugaboo is also the only one that is any good if you walk off road as you can put the big wheels at the front which makes it much easier to push over rough ground. Unfortunately mine is facing iminent retirement as I am expecting number two any day and I can't find a way of fitting a toddler and a baby in it at the same time so I have had to buy a double lol.
  • Apparently the icandy is quite a bulky frame as well. If I wanted a smaller umbrella style one I'd go for the maclaren techno xt as can use from birth.

    good luck choosing anyway hun.


  • Thanks. My sil had the techno xt but i don't really like it. It doesnt lie as flat as i'd like & i really want baby facing me. I'm being so fussy over this but its such an important purchase, i really want to get it right! Also, my sil has two kids & she's been through about 5 or 6 different buggys!
  • Just had a quick look on the icandy website ( and it looks like you have to remove the seat from them before folding as well. It is a bit of a faff taking the seat off before folding but it does make them much easier to lift as the weight is split between the two bits and I find it easier to fit in the car boot as you can put one bit on top of the other.
  • I've gone for the bugaboo (really didn't want to like it but tried it out and was totally and undoubtedly sold!) it is pricey but found a good deal and after chatting to other people reckon probably will save money in the end (hopefully!?) but not buying others.

    choice is definately personal though and trying them all out in a shop really helped me.

    One thing I would say is i haven't heard good reviews about the i-candy ones as apparently they have had a lot of problems with bits breaking. Don't know if this is true but read it on lots of review sites and then when i was at the shop trying them out 2 people came back with broken bit of their i-candy!

    good luck!
  • my lo is 1 and ive got 4 pushchirs i am pushchair mad if i could do it again i would go for the pramette type they are a pram that is made of a zip its the smallest pram and they dont last taht long anyway also you can put the car seat on to i prefer the silvercross one rather than the mamas and papas i have a loola to and dont bother they are so heavy!!! i like the buzz but again lots of bits to take on and off the novelty will wear off i promise!!! i am now after a umbrella style buggy as he like to sit up and see whats going on but as hes 1 he still goes to sleep in so i need comfort you can spend a fortune on pushchairs but plz plz think small coz you'll reget it later
  • Ooh thanks emdt, i hadn't heard that about the i.candy's. Think i'm gonna look more at the bugaboo. Have you got all the matching accessories? It seems so much more expensive when you add it all up!
    Not sure about the pramette style pushchairs, they seem so handy but the babies seem to grow out of the pram bit so quickly, especially if i have a big baby!

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  • Hi
    We have the iCandy Apple. We've not had any bits break but the raincover for the carrycot and the pushchair is really poxy. For what we paid for it I wouldn't recommend it. We have the chassis, the carrycot, the carseat, the pushchair, the change bag, the parasol (also poxy) and the raincovers.
    You can collapse it all as one in pushchair mode but not in carrycot mode.
    It is very stylish and I must admit I do look good pushing it around (ha ha) but I find it quite heavy and awkward.
    Also I had quite a bad birth and being a bit out of sorts I found it almost impossible to get it in and out of the boot so it was a few weeks before I could actally go out in the car by myself.
    Good luck. xx
  • Hi Lucyloo2,

    I got the footmuff as part of the deal but am not going for any of the other accessories - have heard that the changing bag is too small so going to save some money there, some one has given me a universal parasol and I'll just see how everything else goes i think!

    If you do go for it Lester Nursery world in manchester have a really good deal - best i found (was recommended by someone else on here very helpfully!), and they do delivery to anywhere in the country which is all good coz I'm in London!
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