Do you think paying 17.5% VAT on healthy food is wrong?

I do and I have signed a petition and would really appreciate it if you could too.

Under current tax law, people pay zero VAT on -essential' foods and drinks such as milkshakes, frozen pizzas and chips but 17.5% on -luxury' items such as smoothies and 100% fruit juices. ASDA is calling for this to be reduced to 5%, which is the minimum allowed under EU law.

Current VAT law makes no sense ???????? the Government charges the full rate of tax on healthy fruit juices and smoothies while effectively encouraging people to buy cakes and frozen pizzas by not taxing them at all.

This is about a common sense approach to pricing. Everyone knows that we should be eating more fruit and vegetables and that price often plays a big part in deciding which items to buy. So why should we pay a premium for making healthier choices?

If you agree with me please sign the petition.


Dolina xx xx


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