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Ok ladies, heres the thing...we are TTC no'4 and having the youngest being 3 1/2 yrs old I am sort of out of touch with "good" travelsystems.
We have used mothercare or graco with the last three babys and having seen a ok one in mothercare...cant for the life of me remember the bloody name of it lol.
I just wondered if you could share the names of the one you have got and if it has had any good/bad points about your travelsystems, dont mind where its from or whatever but sugestions are gratefully recieved lol.
Oh it has to be road/off road and pretty sturdy as we are in the woods/ on farms most weekends...thanks xxxxx


  • i have got the slivercross 3d teavel system and i have found it 2 be great but not sure if it would be as good off road you would have 2 go in to mothercare and ask but it is a lovely pram 2 push x
  • I just ordered the babystyle oyster. Got the highest rating on the Which? website above lots of other well known brands. Also very reasonable in comparison to most travel systems from ??440 for everything) its gorgeous.
    ??250 ish for the buggy which you can lie almost flat, and change seat to forward or back facing, I also bought the cot/pram section which can be clipped on and the seat taken off. We went for it as it was really easy to change the different sections, looked and felt very study and the buggy will last until they are at least 2 or 3 if not more. Also comes with net in the hood, rain cover and foot muff. Saw on ebay from ??220, carry cot from ??89 x also has own car seat (Oyster ??69) but is compatible with the Maxi cosi isofix (??100-??129) and a britax one, sorry not sure which!
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