Can anyone advise?

I am planning to buy my husband a Baby Bjorn baby carrier for Christmas (well, it will be for both of us, really, but he just got me a tumble dryer for my birthday so I figure the exchange is fair image). I was just wondering it it is worth spending the extra ??30 to get the Synergy model or if I should just go for the Original. I have seen glowing reviews of the Original, but none of the Synergy to compare it to, so would love to hear any feedback that people might have.



  • Hi

    we got the baby bjorn active one as it has excellent back support - really great for when your lo gets heavier. we have used it nearly every day and baby can face in or out.

  • Thanks, ladies! Naz, I know ours will get used as we don't have a car so it will be hugely useful for traveling locally! But I will check out e-bay as well. Thanks for the reminder!

    And thanks for the point about back support, lynda. Looks as if I am going to have to do some more research. If anyone has used a Synergy, I would love to hear about it!
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